Chocolate and berries (L, G) 10,50 €
Chocolate in six different ways, berries and raspberry gel

Licorice root, buttermilk and buckthorn  (L) 10,50 € Licorice root and buckthorn cake, buckthorn crème, buttermilk ice-cream

Meadowsweet mousse and blueberry  (L, G) 10,50 €  Cardamom flavored blueberry jam, meadowsweet mousse, blueberry seeds

Grand Dessert 14,50 €
Dessert assortment a ’la Chef

Cheese 10,50 € 
Piece of cheese, Cardamom flavored blueberry jam, cherry compote,  cranberry truffle, polar flatbread, fresh berries

Cheese platter 15,50 €
Aura gold blue cheese, Västerbotten, Mustaleima Emmental, Brie,  cardamom flavored blueberry jam, cherry compote, cranberry truffle,  Polar flatbread, fresh berries

L=Lactose-free   G=Gluten-free   M=Milk-free
* available by request