Main Courses

Arctic Vegetables (M, V, *G) 23 €
Charcoal grilled vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, cep croquette, dill-truffle oil, asparagus

Whitefish from Lake Inari (L, *G) 29 € 
Whitefish breaded with traditional sweet rye bread, charcoal grilled vegetables,  asparagus and beurre-blanc seasoned with leek ash

Charcoal grilled beef tenderloin (L, G, *M) 35 €  Rosemary infused pepper sauce, roasted Lappish Puikula potatoes, grilled vegetables

Reindeer cooked two ways (L, G, *M) 37 €
Reindeer roast and over cooked shank, Lappish Puikula potatoes,  charcoal grilled vegetables, game sauce and pine-infused Hollandaise


King crab (L, G) 48 €
Creamy crab stock, julienne vegetables, dill-truffle oil

Charcoal grilled willow grouse
and reindeer  (L, *G) 48 € 
Reindeer, barley risotto and game rillette, blackcurrant sauce, spring onion, julienne vegetables

L=Lactose-free   G=Gluten-free   M=Milk-free   V=Vegan * available by request