Reindeer roast and tongue L, G 11,50 €

Smoked reindeer tongue, salt cured reindeer roast,  pickled shiitake and lingonberry mayonnaise

Jerusalem artichoke soup L, G, V*
Starter 11,50 €  €, Main 18,50 €

Roasted jerusalem artichoke, parsley and truffle oil

King crab soup L, G
Starter 13,50 €  €, Main 21,50 €

King crab meat and creamy king crab bisque

House salad L, G, V 
Starter 9,80 €, Main 15,90 € 

Pickled shiitake mushrooms, marinated red onion,  cherry tomatoes, salads and lingonberry vinaigrette

Salmon salad L, G
Starter 12,50  €, Main 18,50 €

House salad and cold smoked salmon

Reindeer salad L, G
Starter 13,50  €, Main 19,50 € 

House salad and salt cured reindeer roast

L=Lactose-free   G=Gluten-free   M=Milk-free   V=Vegan, * available by request