Main Courses

Chanterelle pasta L 18,50 €

Fried chanterelle, pasta and Västerbotten cheese

King crab pasta L 22,00 € 

King crab and crayfish, pasta  and Västerbotten cheese

Hamburger L 18,90€ 

Grilled Lappish hamburger,  Mustaleima-Emmental cheese, salad, roasted garlic mayonnaise, brioche-bun and country style fries

Reindeer Burger L 18,90 € 

Slowly cooked reindeer, salad, lingonberry mayonnaise,  brioche-bun and country style fries

King crab sandwich L 23,00 € 

King crab and crayfish, herb mayonnaise, salad,  marinated red onions and Lappish potatoes

Black Angus steak L, G 26,90 € 

Black Angus steak, Lappish potatoes, grilled vegetables and creamy pepper sauce

Lamb entrecôte L, G 27,90 €

Slowly cooked lamb, grilled  vegetables and carrot  pyree

Reindeer cooked two ways L, G 34,50 € 

grilled reindeer roast and sautéed entrecôte,  dark rosemary sauce, vegetables and Lappish potatoes.

Traditional sauteed reindeer L, G 27,50 € 

Sauteed reindeer roast, mashed potatoes,  pickles and lingonberries

Smoked salmon L, G 27,50 € 

Warm smoked salmon, Hollandaise-sauce,  grilled vegetables, Lappish potatoes

Mushrooms and vegetables L, G*, V* 24,50 € 

Fried chanterelle and shiitake, mushroom croquettes,  grilled vegetables, carrot  pyree,  lingonberry gel and parsley-oil

Side dishes

Country style fries L, G, V* 5,00 € 
Green salad and lingonberry vinaigrette L,V 5,00 € Grilled vegetables L, V* 5,00 €

L=Lactose-free   G=Gluten-free   M=Milk-free   V=Vegan, * available by request